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Simplifying Network Deployment with POL Networks

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Simplifying Deployment with POL Networks

The Passive Optical LAN (POL) network significantly simplifies network deployment compared to traditional structured cabling systems. This article explores the ease of deployment offered by POL networks, emphasizing their advantages in modern network environments.

POL Network Deployment Advantages

Elimination of Intermediate Facilities

Traditional structured cabling systems require intermediate facilities such as electrical rooms, cabinets, and power supplies for deploying access switches. In contrast, POL networks eliminate the need for such facilities. Splitters can be flexibly deployed according to the user’s onsite environment, without the need for electrical rooms, cabinets, or additional power supplies.

Centralized Active Equipment

POL networks centralize active equipment in the central computer room and at the end-user side. This centralization makes maintenance points more concentrated and closer to the users, thereby simplifying and enhancing the efficiency of network maintenance.

Overcoming Distance Limitations

Unlike traditional structured cabling networks limited by the 100-meter distance constraint of twisted-pair cables, POL networks break through this barrier. POL simplifies the network topology from a three-layer structure to a two-layer structure, saving up to 80% of the space required for electrical rooms and reducing power consumption by 60%.


Cost and Efficiency Benefits

  1. Space Savings: POL networks save 80% of the space required for electrical rooms.

  2. Energy Savings: By reducing the need for intermediate facilities, POL networks cut power consumption by 60%.

  3. Cost Reduction: Network construction costs are reduced by 30%, and operational expenses can be cut by over 60%.


POL networks offer significant advantages in simplifying network deployment, reducing space and power requirements, and lowering costs. By centralizing active equipment and eliminating the need for intermediate facilities, POL networks provide a more efficient and cost-effective solution for modern network environments.

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