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16F MPO-LC Cassette

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16F MPO-LC Cassettes are used to break out the 16F MPO Connectors terminated on trunk cables into LC connectors to facilitate patching into the SFP transceiver of the system equipment ports.

The module is used together with 1U, 2U and 4U Fiber Distribution Frame.

The LC adaptor panel in the front of the module box is used for connecting the equipment or between the module box, and MPO adapter at rear is used for connecting MPO pre-connected trunk cables.

Features & Benefits

> The front panel of the module box is equipped with 8 duplex LC adapters, and the rear panel is equipped with 2 MPO adapter ports which can be equipped with 1 16F MPO adapter or 2 8F MPO adapters.

> The module box can be installed or removed from the front or rear of Fiber Patch Panel.

> Density with LC interface: 144F for 1U; 288F for 2U; 576F for 4U.

> 100% pre-termination to ensure the low insertion loss for demanding high-speed networks.

Optical Performance




Low Loss




low loss

Insertion Loss

0.3dB Typical 0.60dB Maximum

0.2dB Typical 0.35dB Maximum

0.35dB Typical 0.7dB Maximum

0.25dB Typical 0.45dB Maximum


Return Loss

> 20dB

> 20dB

> 60dB

(8° Angle Polish)

> 60dB

(8° Angle Polish)



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