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Hospital construction projects are often a group of buildings composed of multiple buildings, including specialized departments and departments such as outpatient, ward, diagnosis, treatment, surgery, pharmacy, etc. With the development of medical information technology, a large number of high-end medical detection equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment have been widely used. Some of these devices have particularly high information flow and require security and high stability, while others have strong electromagnetic interference characteristics. Based on these characteristics and in order to cooperate with medical staff to reduce misdiagnosis rates, Tangpin suggests using shielded Category 6A cables in the diagnosis and treatment rooms and operating rooms, which can ensure the entire link's 10 Gigabit transmission within 100 meters and provide excellent electromagnetic interference resistance. On the other hand, hospitals belong to densely populated public places, patients and other people with mobility difficulties being the majority. Based on these considerations, Tangpin recommends that all cables of the comprehensive wiring system use low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, and non-toxic outer sheaths.

Main Products

PLC Optical Splitter

Low insertion loss, Low PDL
Wide working wavelength: from 1260nm to 1650nm.
Excellent environmental and mechanical stability.
Fiber type: G657A or customer specified
Packaging: Steel pipe or ABS
Customization according to customer needs

Cat6A FTP Cables

Shielded, twisted pair, each pair wrapped in aluminum foil or coated with a layer of metal mesh, CM/LSZH cable, high-performance modular plugs. The conductor material is solid bare copper, the cable diameter is 23AWG, the insulation tensile strength is greater than 16MPa, and the sheath tensile strength is greater than 13.5MPa. The test can reach above 500HMZ.

Indoor Multimode Cables

Indoor optical cable, non-metallic reinforcement, tight sleeve optical fiber, flame retardant polyolefin sheathed optical cable, 850nm laser optimized 50um core diameter multimode fiber.
Center reinforcement: FRP or FRP with PE pad

Single Mode Patch Cords

2.0mm narrow key connectors at both ends
Various schemes can be customized: SC/FC/ST/LC/MPO
Low insertion loss, high return loss
3 types of pin end faces: PC/UPC/APC
Durability: 1000 times
Cable materials comply with OFNR OFNP standards
Complies with Rosh6 standards
Includes two dust covers

Outdoor Cables

GYTA, outdoor optical cable, filled structure, aluminum polyethylene bonded sheath.
GYTS, outdoor optical cable, metallic reinforcement, steel polyene bonded sheath.


Fiber Pigtail

Compact design, low insertion loss and high return loss.
Complies with ITU-T G.657A or G.652D, etc.
High reliability, wide wavelength range, and wide operating temperature range.
Provide single mode (9/125) or multimode (50/125 or 62.5/125) optical fibers, with simplex or duplex connectors.
Customizable configuration.

Cat6A FTP Keystone Jack

A type of keystone jack module that is used in copper cabling and networking.
Provide exceptional performance required to support extremely high-speed applications, including 10-Gigabit Ethernet.
The module can be fully shielded.
Easy to install.

Network Cabinet

The cabinet is a 19 inch standard high-strength cabinet with a capacity of 42U. Cold rolled steel plate, with a thickness of 1.2mm or more, spraying plastics, rust proof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion.
Customizable according to customer requirements.

Rack Mounted PDU

Rated input voltage: 250V AC
Cable specification: H05VV-F3G 1.5 mm²
Plug type: DIN4944016A plug
Maximum input current: 16A
Shell material: 1U aluminum alloy material.
Product size: L x W x H=482.6X44.4X44.4 mm (19 inches)
Socket system: new national standards for five holes, 16A national standards, etc
Maximum power: 4000W
Internal connection line method: Internal 1.5mm² RV flexible copper strip type.

24 Empty Patch Panels

Adopting modular design, it meets the installation requirements of various plug-in modules, suitable for interaction and termination between devices, and compatible with 19 inch equipment racks and cabinets. Durable and corrosion-resistant phosphor bronze DC ensures over 250 terminations. All ports have labels on the front end and a cable manager on the back, which effectively guides the cables to the end points.

ODF Subframe Unit

Functions such as fiber optic cable termination, fiber optic wiring, fiber optic scheduling, and tail fiber excess length storage.
It can be installed independently in a 19U standard cabinet.
Adopting a stacked 12 core integrated melt fiber tray.
Suitable for termination of various structural optical cables.
All sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

Fiber Distribution Box

Connector type: SC/FC/LC/ST
Material: cold rolled steel/stainless steel
Color: White/Black/Grey/Other
Size: Customizable according to customer needs.
Equipped with a stacked fusion tray, easy to open and easy to install and maintain the circuit. The box is equipped with reliable optical cables, tail cable introduction, fixation, and grounding devices.
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