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School Solution

Most campuses occupy a large area, so comprehensive cabling should radiate from the school's information center as the central point of the wiring network to various buildings. It is the overall cabling of a building group, and more importantly, the construction of the backbone fiber optic network of the campus network. From the perspective of pipelines and wiring, Tangpin suggests adopting a proprietary school comprehensive wiring solution that includes backbone and distribution, and then extends to the desktop. However, the location and quantity of information points in school buildings, as well as the level of wiring systems, should be considered for different scenarios and different settings. At the same time, the determination of the number of information points cannot be based solely on the building area. Of course, if users have special needs, Tangpin has the most complete comprehensive wiring product line to provide customized end-to-end full link solutions.

Hospital Solution

With the development of medical information technology, a large number of high-end medical detection equipment and diagnostic imaging equipment have been widely used. Some of these devices have particularly high information flow and require security and high stability, while others have strong electromagnetic interference characteristics. Based on these characteristics and in order to cooperate with medical staff to reduce misdiagnosis rates, Tangpin suggests using shielded Category 6A cables in the diagnosis and treatment rooms and operating rooms, which can ensure the entire link's 10 Gigabit transmission within 100 meters and provide excellent electromagnetic interference resistance. On the other hand, hospitals belong to densely populated public places, patients and other people with mobility difficulties being the majority. Based on these considerations, Tangpin recommends that all cables of the comprehensive wiring system use low smoke, halogen-free, flame retardant, and non-toxic outer sheaths.

Hotel Solution

The hotel's comprehensive wiring system can be centered around the guest room. In order to facilitate management, branching, merging, and testing in the guest room, a guest room distribution frame (wall mounted distribution frame) can be installed in the wardrobe of the guest room. After the distribution subsystem is terminated on the guest room distribution frame, it is laid using twisted pair cables into the 86 type bottom box of each information point based on the actual location of the information points in the guest room. To enhance the high-speed and unobstructed experience of passengers' check-in information, Tangpin suggests that the hotel's cabling should adopt a comprehensive cabling solution with a backbone of gigabit to desktop and 10 Gigabit multimode (OM3). To improve the energy-saving and environmental protection application effect of the computer room, Tangpin suggests using a micro module data center solution.

Rail Transit Solution

The characteristic of comprehensive wiring for rail transit is that this type of building has a large area.For passenger halls, freight terminals, and other areas with a large amount of open space, wired services can be used in the service area, and wireless extensions can be used in public areas. When it comes to connecting buildings in different places, it is an extended star network, and the main cables are very long. Therefore, it is advisable to use a fiber optic wiring system. At the same time, due to electromagnetic interference issues with electromechanical equipment, the shielding of cables should also be considered.Due to being a densely populated public place, Tangpin recommends using low smoke, halogen-free, and non-toxic materials to ensure the safety of rail transit travel. Of course, if users have special needs, Tangpin has the most complete comprehensive wiring product line to provide customized end-to-end full link solutions.

Urban Complex Solution

Urban complex, as the name suggests, is a combination of three or more urban living spaces in a city, including commerce, office, residence, hotels, exhibitions, catering, entertainment, and transportation. To ensure the efficient operation of the urban complex, as the physical layer infrastructure for information transmission: the comprehensive cabling system, Tangpin suggests adopting solutions such as fiber optic to user units and gigabit to desktop (Category 6 UTP unshielded)+10 Gigabit multimode (OM3) to achieve high-speed information transmission between various components of the urban complex. Of course, if users have special needs, Tangpin has the most complete comprehensive cabling product line to provide customized end-to-end full link solutions.

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