Q: What Kind of Solutions Do You Support?

A: Tangpin offers various solutions, such as OTN Solutions, PON Solutions, Data Center Solutions, Enterprise Intelligence Solutions, Integrated Cabling Solutions, Campus Network Solutions, you can submit your solution application via email sales@shtptelecom.com .

Q: What Test Items Does Tangpin Provide?

A: Tangpin provides test services covering Compatibility Test, Reliability Test, Performance Test, Solution Test, Hardware & Software Iterative Test, Demo Test and you can find the testing details there.

Q: Do I Need to Pay for the Test?

A: No, you will not be charged. All the test services provided by Tangpin are free, and you can experience the whole test process of pre-sales, in-sales and post-sales.

Q: What's the Whole Process of the Test Service?

A: Tangpin provides standardized process services, and the test process is divided into the following basic steps:
1. Requirements Gathering
2. Customized Test Plan
3. Test Implementation
4. Result Delivery

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