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FTTR Solution

Tangpin Technology - Gigabit Fiber to The Room (FTTR) Project Based on Ethernet
1. All optical network technology, all fiber coverage + AP, gigabit rate in each room, no disconnection; WiFi coverage without lag.
2. Based on the Ethernet protocol, the device has good compatibility performance and does not need to be compatible with upstream OLT devices, and is not limited by software protocols; Families can freely form networks and have good scalability.
3. A single fiber optic multi-channel in the room does not require a secondary optical splitter.
4. Low voltage DC centralized power supply equipment, optoelectronic composite cable for equipment power supply, and fiber optic data transmission.

Technical Description

Typical Networking


Network Hierarchy

2 Layer: fewer fault points.

Transmission Channel

One fiber multi-channel exclusive bandwidth.

Networking Medium

Fiber optic lifespan>20 years.

Using optical devices, stable transmission and not prone to aging.

Cabinet Occupancy

1 main access device, simplified installation.

Install Wiring

Fiber optic/optoelectronic composite cables have small volume, light weight, and are easy to route.

Business Distribution

Only the main gateway configuration is required, and no separate configuration is required for others.

Beautiful Deployment

86 panel AP, convenient and aesthetically pleasing for wall deployment.

Transmission Distance

No distance limitation for fiber optic transmission.

Power Supply

Low voltage DC power supply, safe, no distance limitation.

Main Network Gateway Capacity

Enterprise level high-performance gateway, 300-500 terminals.

WiFi Carrying Capacity

A single AP about 60 terminal.


Room exclusive gigabit, flexible bandwidth expansion, and smooth upgrade to 2.5G/10G.

Seamless Roaming

Enterprise level roaming.

Equipment Maintenance

Device Plug and Play, Fault 0 Configuration Replacement.

Main Products

All-optical Host

A highly integrated FTTR aggregation gateway that integrates routing, AP management, IPTV transmission, and optoelectronic conversion. The wired interface includes 5 SC optical port and 2 100/1000Mbps electrical port, with a maximum number of connections up to 200. Bandwidth can be allocated reasonably based on the number of bandwidth accesses and terminals.

Low Voltage DC Power Supply Unit

This product is based on the requirements of FTTR technology and mainly provides centralized power supply for wireless panel AP to meet the power supply of 5 wireless panel AP simultaneously. AC input 1 channel: can be connected to a conventional 220V power supply. DC outputs 5 channels of 48V, with a power of 60W.

Panel AP

Implement FTTR (Fiber to The Room) full house fiber optic networking. Wireless coverage throughout the house, deploying ultra gigabit bandwidth networks to every room.The entire machine can provide a maximum access rate of 1.775Gbps, and high-speed wireless allows performance to no longer be a bottleneck. At the same time, the size strictly follows the 86mm panel specification.

Optoelectronic Composite Cable

Suitable as a transmission line in broadband access network systems, it is a new type of access method that integrates optical fiber and transmission copper wire, and can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption, and signal transmission. Small outer diameter, light weight, and small footprint. Cost saving and convenien construction.
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