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Enhancing Outdoor Fiber Optic Performance with GYTS Cables

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Enhancing Outdoor Fiber Optic Cables: GYTS

In modern telecommunications, the demand for reliable and efficient fiber optic cables is ever-increasing. Outdoor fiber optic cables, such as GYTS, are engineered to meet these demands, providing excellent performance under various environmental conditions. This article delves into the structure, features, and applications of GYTS fiber optic cables, highlighting their superior mechanical properties and temperature characteristics.

Structure and Design of GYTS

The GYTS cable consists of 250μm fibers encased in a loose tube made from high-modulus materials. The loose tubes are filled with a water-resistant compound. The core of the cable is reinforced with a central metal strength member, which may be encased in polyethylene (PE) for certain cable counts. Loose tubes (and fillers) are stranded around the central strength member to form a compact and circular cable core, which is filled with a water-blocking compound. Double-sided coated steel tape (PSP) is longitudinally applied and the cable is completed with a PE sheath.

Key Features

  1. Mechanical and Temperature Performance

    • Excellent mechanical properties and temperature resistance.

    • The loose tube material offers good hydrolysis resistance and high strength.

    • The special tube filling compound provides critical protection for the fibers.

    • The tightly packed structure prevents tube shrinkage effectively.

    • Good compressive and flexibility properties.

    • PE sheath with excellent UV radiation resistance.

  2. Water Blocking and UV Resistance

    • Central steel wire strength member.

    • Loose tubes filled with special water-blocking compounds.

    • Fully filled cable core.

    • Double-sided coated steel tape (PSP) to enhance moisture resistance.

    • The PE sheath has excellent UV radiation resistance.

    • The cable uses several water-blocking measures, including:

Product Standards

The GYTS cable complies with the YD/T 901 and IEC60794-1 standards.

Structure Diagram of GYTS


  1. Optical Fiber

  2. Loose Tube

  3. Tube Filling Compound

  4. Central Strength Member

  5. Cable Core Filling Compound

  6. Coated Steel Tape (PSP)

  7. PE Sheath


GYTS cables are suitable for duct, aerial, and direct burial installations.



The GYTS outdoor fiber optic cables offer robust solutions for various installation environments. Their superior mechanical and temperature characteristics, combined with effective water-blocking and UV resistance measures, make them ideal for modern telecommunications infrastructure. By choosing the right cable type, based on specific installation requirements, network providers can ensure reliable and efficient data transmission.

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