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High-Quality Single-Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cords by Tangpin

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Single-Mode Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Tangpin offers single-mode fiber optic patch cords, equipped with various types of connectors on both ends. Each patch cord is manufactured using our state-of-the-art equipment. These cables are available from stock, featuring Φ2mm & Φ3mm PVC protective jackets.

Each patch cord includes two protective caps to shield the fiber ends from dust and other contaminants. Additional CAPF plastic fiber caps are also sold separately. Adapter sleeves are available to connect FC to FC and FC to SMA connectors. These sleeves minimize reflections and ensure proper alignment of each terminated fiber end core.

For shorter wavelengths, Tangpin also offers low insertion loss patch cords, characterized by carefully selected single-mode fibers with tighter core concentration specifications, reducing insertion loss and increasing transmission efficiency. If you cannot find an off-the-shelf patch cord that meets your application requirements, Tangpin also provides customized patch cables with next-day shipping.


  • 2.0mm narrow key connectors on both ends.

  • Customizable configurations: SC/FC/ST/LC/MT/LSH/MTRJ/MU/MPO/D4/SMA.



  • Low insertion loss, high return loss.

  • 3 types of ferrule end-faces: PC/UPC/APC.

  • Durability: 1000 cycles.

  • Cable materials comply with OFNR and OFNP standards.

  • Compliance with Rosh6 standards.

  • Meet GR-326-CORE, IEC 61754, and YD/T 1272 standards.

  • 100% tested before shipment.

  • Available in stock.

  • Includes two dust caps.


  • Insertion loss: Standard value of 0.2 dB, maximum value of 0.3 dB.

  • Return loss: 50 dB.

  • Operating temperature: -40℃ to +85℃.

FC/PC Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cable:

  • Suitable for local and long-distance optical transmission networks, data transmission networks, media transmission networks, cable television, and optical testing equipment.

  • Applicable for signal transmission from 320nm to 2300nm.

Fiber Type
Operating Wavelength Cutoff Wavelength Mode Field Diameter Cladding Diameter Coating Diameter Max Attenuation Connector Jacket Material








125±0.7μm 235-250μm






narrow key

Φ3mm Yellow PVC Sheath
G.655 1460-1620nm



125±0.7μm 235-255μm






narrow key

Ø3 mm Yellow PVC Split Sheath


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