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Optical Distribution Frame: Improve The Efficiency of Network Connections

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ODF(Optical Distribution Frame) is an optical fiber distribution equipment specially designed for optical fiber communication equipment rooms. It has the functions of fixing and protecting optical cables, terminating optical cables, and adjusting wires. It is an indispensable part of the information equipment room.


In the past, the optical cables used in optical communication construction usually had a few cores to dozens of cores, and the capacity of optical fiber distribution frames was generally less than 100 cores. These optical fiber distribution frames showed small pigtail storage capacity, inconvenient deployment and connection operations, poor functionality, and fewer and simple structure. Optical communications have been widely used in long-distance trunk lines and local network relay transmission, and optical fiberization has also become the development direction of access networks. In the construction of new optical fiber networks, various places try to use large-core optical cables, which puts forward higher requirements for the capacity, function and structure of optical fiber distribution frames.


The optical distribution frame can protect the core and pigtails of optical cables. It can be assembled into an optical fiber distribution frame alone, or it can be installed in a cabinet/rack with digital distribution units and audio distribution units.  Constitute a comprehensive distribution frame. The equipment is flexible in configuration, simple to install and use, easy to maintain, and easy to manage. It is an indispensable equipment for fiber optic communication cable network terminals or relay points to realize fiber arrangement, fiber jumper cable splicing and access.

In the comprehensive cabling system, distribution frames are suitable for horizontal wiring or equipment termination between equipment, as well as interconnection termination at centralized points. The sturdy and easy to install design reduces installation and operation costs, and the large front labeling space facilitates port identification and management, meeting the 19 "rack installation standard.

It is an important supporting equipment in optical transmission systems, mainly used for fiber optic fusion splicing of fiber optic cable terminals, installation of optical connectors, adjustment of optical paths, storage of excess tail fibers, and protection of fiber optic cables. It plays an important role in the safe operation and flexible use of fiber optic communication networks.


Fiber optic distribution frames can be divided into wall mounted and rack mounted depending on their structure. The wall mounted fiber optic distribution frame can be directly fixed to the wall and is generally a box structure, suitable for places with small numbers of optical cables and fiber cores. Rack mounted fiber optic distribution frames can be directly installed in standard cabinets and are suitable for larger scale fiber optic networks.

There are two types of rack mounted distribution frames, one is a fixed configuration distribution frame, and the fiber optic coupler is directly fixed on the chassis; Another approach is to adopt modular design, where users can choose corresponding modules based on the number and specifications of optical cables, facilitating network adjustment and expansion.


Equipment characteristics

Standard unit size: 19 inches wide, can be installed in distribution frame cabinets or wall mounted.

The structural components are made of thickened galvanized passivated cold-rolled steel plates and surface spraying technology.   The optical fiber distribution disc is made of plastic material doped with flame retardant materials, which is lightweight, flexible, and durable.   The large diameter disc ring design keeps the curvature radius of the tail fiber and jump fiber above 40mm at each point.

It can be assembled separately as a fiber optic distribution frame, or can be installed together with digital distribution units and audio distribution units in the same cabinet/frame to form a comprehensive distribution frame.   It has the functions of introducing, fixing, and protecting optical cables, fusing optical cable terminals and tail fibers, adjusting and storing jumper fibers, storing and protecting optical cable cores and tail fibers, etc.

Drawer structure: The distribution box adopts a drawer structure, which can be removed during operation and placed back after completion.

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