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Unlocking the Potential of Optical Transceivers in Modern Communication Networks

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Optical Transceivers are key optoelectronic devices in fiber optic communication systems, responsible for converting between optical and electrical signals. They play a crucial role in modern communication networks, especially in areas such as data centers, telecommunications networks, Fiber to Home (FTTH), and high-speed data transmission.

The main function of the optical transceiver is to convert electrical signals into optical signals at the transmitting end and transmit them through optical fibers; At the receiving end, it converts the optical signal back into an electrical signal. This conversion process allows data to be transmitted over long distances and at high rates, while reducing signal attenuation and electromagnetic interference.

Optical transceivers typically consist of the following main components:

1. Optical emission device: including lasers, responsible for generating optical signals.

2. Optical receiving device: including a photodetector for detecting optical signals and converting them into electrical signals.

3. Functional circuit: including driving circuit, modulation and demodulation circuit, etc., used to control the generation and reception of optical signals.

4.Optical interface: used for connecting with optical fibers, usually including fiber optic connectors (such as LC, SC, FC, etc.).

Optical transceivers have many significant advantages, mainly including:

1. High speed data transmission: The optical transceiver supports extremely high data transmission speeds, far exceeding traditional copper cables. This makes them very suitable for applications that require high bandwidth connections, such as data centers and high-performance computing. Different optical transceivers support different data transmission rates, such as 10Gbps, 40Gbps, 100Gbps, 200Gbps, 400Gbps, and even higher.

2. Remote transmission capability: The optical transceiver can transmit data over long distances without significant signal attenuation. The transmission distance also varies, ranging from a few kilometers to hundreds of kilometers, depending on the design of the optical transceiver and the quality of the fiber optic.

3. Anti interference ability: As optical fibers transmit optical signals, they are not affected by electromagnetic interference.

4. Low power consumption: Compared to electrical signal transmission, optical transceivers typically have lower power consumption, which helps reduce operating costs, especially during large-scale deployment.

5. miniaturization and lightweight: Optical transceivers are usually small in size and light in weight, making them easy to integrate and deploy, especially in space limited environments.

Application: Optical transceivers are widely used in various communication scenarios, such as server to server connections within data centers, long-distance fiber optic transmission, fiber optic backhaul links in wireless base stations, and fiber optic access networks for households and enterprises.


Product Description


10G optical module

10G 850nm 300m SFP+


10G 1310nm 10km SFP+

FC optical module

16G 850nm 100m SFP28

25G optical module

25G 1310nm 10km SFP28

40G optical module

40G LR4 10km QSFP+

100G optical module

100G SR4 100m QSFP28


100G CWDM4 2km QSFP28


100G PSM4 10km QSFP28


200G optical module

200G SR4 100m QSFP56


400G optical module

400G SR8 100m QSFP-DD


AOC products

10G SFP+ AOC 1m


25G SFP28 AOC 1m

40G QSFP+ to 4*10G SFP+ AOC 1m


100G QSFP28 AOC 1m


200G QSFP56 AOC 1m

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