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What Are LAN Cable, LAN Wire, And LAN?

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What Is a LAN?

 Let's start with what a local area network is. LAN stands for Local Area Network, which is a computer network that connects computers in a specific area to each other, such as homes, universities, offices, commercial buildings, laboratories, and pretty much anywhere there are multiple computers nearby. LANs are vital to computer networks, almost every computer you use is connected to another device in some way. Not only do small network connections exist, but they can also vary in size. Big companies and governments say, what about large tracts of land? They are called global networks.

Now that you have some introduction and basic knowledge of LANs, let's dive into how LANs actually work.

LANs actually work

What products are in a LAN?

Whether you are at home or in business, you will likely be part of some sort of local area network. The easiest way to set up a local area network (LAN) is to use an Ethernet cable. What about LAN cables? Here comes the question of the client. A LAN cable is the same as an Ethernet cable or network cable. So when you buy a LAN cable and come across an ethernet or network cable, you'll be fine. So, by definition, a LAN cable is a cable that connects to a computer, a network switch, and then from the switch to a router, modem, or DSL that powers your Internet from your ISP. These devices form a local area network (LAN) when connected together using a wireless LAN, Ethernet, or network cable(Local Area Network).

What cable is used for LAN?

Because a LAN is a connection between multiple computers and network equipment, a variety of cables can be used. This includes:

· Copper twisted pair

· Coaxial cable

· Optical cable

Each of these cables has a different design and function to power the Ethernet connection. To cover them briefly, you will basically be using a coaxial cable to connect your ISP to your modem. This type of cable helps power the connection to provide Internet access to your network. Coaxial cables are usually designed with shielding inside them to operate in EMI and higher frequency areas.

Copper twisted pair is the most common cable used to connect computers, routers, switches, printers, gaming systems, PoE devices, IP cameras, and more. They come in different categories such as:

· Cat5e Cable

· Cat6 Cable

· Cat6a Cable

· Cat7 Cable

· Cat8 Cable

LAN Cable

Please note that each of these cables has a different performance rating. These cables are commonly used to connect networks with speeds up to Gigabit Ethernet and beyond. LAN cables are also available in unshielded and shielded versions. Shielded LAN cables are suitable for EMI (electromagnetic interference) areas. This is common in doctors' offices, around cell towers, and in heavy machinery, and provides better signal quality due to the foil in these areas. Unshielded LAN cables will be installed in your home and workplace without electromagnetic interference. Shielded cables tend to be more expensive than unshielded ones due to the use of additional materials and different manufacturing methods. There are also various types of copper twisted pair cables. You'll see them in patch cords, crossover cables, and long cables. They will consist of an rj45 connector on one end and will be able to connect to the ethernet port of your choice.

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