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Ethernet Network Cable

✔ One-stop network cable manufacturer, wholesaling all types of cutomized LAN cables
✔ Large modern factory of over 60+ production lines ensure fast delivery
✔ 10+ years experiences both in manufacturing and exporting
✔ Professional-grade quality at a very good reasonable price
Product Description

Shanghai Tangpin Technology Co., Ltd is a leading network cable manufacturer, wholesaling of professional-grade networking ethernet cables and accessorsies at factory direct sales price. If you are looking for a professional LAN cable manufactuter, TANGPIN will be your best choice. We have been dedicated to the commercialization of networking and structured cabling for over 15years, and we devoted ourselves to providing products with excellent quality and thoughtful service to our clients.

Our factory is approved by ISO 9001 certificate, and all our products are RoHS, FLUKE compliant. Tangpin's cables products are not only sold well in various cities and regions in China but also exported to foreign markets, such as Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, North America, etc., all have the footprint of Tangpin's twisted pairs cables in these places.

There are eight category of twisted pair LAN cables at current technology, Cat.1, Cat.2, Cat.3, Cat.4, Cat.5, Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6a, Cat.7, and Cat.8. Among them, Cat.1, 2, 3, 4, & Cat.5 are outdated and not used in any modern LAN network. While Cat.7 & Cat.8 are still the new technology and not commonly used. Cat.5e, Cat.6, Cat.6a are the commonly used twisted-pair cables.

TANGPIN® offer customized twisted pair copper cables of the below categories:






All the twisted pair of the above mentioned categories cables can be unshieled or shieled. CAT5e UTP, Cat5e STP, Cat6 UTP, Cat6 S/FTP, Cat6a UTP, Cat6a S/FTP, Cat7 S/FTP and Cat8 S/FTP are available at any colors and any lengths.

Ps. As a one-stop comprehensive networking products provider, we are not only provide the LAN ethernet cables, management patch panel, server cabinets, wall faceplate, but also the fiber optic passive components (such as fiber patchcord, pigtail, splitter, optical distribution box, distribution frame, splice closure, etc.)

TANGPIN® had been assessed and certified as the meeting of requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and known for the excellent products quality, competitive prices, fast delivery and good service.

Why Choose TANGPIN

Strong company strength

More than 5000 square meters of modern manufacturing factory

Over 50 sets of advanced manufacturing equipments

(Cable Stranding Machine, Copper Aluminum Fine Wire Drawing Machine, Cable Extruder Machine, Chemical Foaming Extrusion Machine,Paper Shielding Tapping Machine, etc.)

300+ Skilled workers, 30+ members of a powerful R&D and technician team

60+ modern production lines

To help you to know better about our factory, you can visit to the following link:

Strict Quality Control (QC)

1.The incoming inspection of raw materials.

(We check that the grade, diameter and elongation of copper rods to ensure the raw materials are correct and qualified. A visual inspection was also performed for any physical defects.)

2.Quality inspeciations are carried out throughout the manufacturing process including manual and automated testing.

(Semi-finished products are manually tested by QC controllers between each manufacturing stage. Automated testing employs electronic instruments to monitor the measurement results of the manufacturing process itself.)

3.All finished products are finally tested at the factory before shipment.

(Cables are tested for copper wire count, adequate wire diameter, proper insulation thickness, conductor resistance, and insulation resistance among countless other tests.)

Rich experience both in manufacturing & marketing

15-years professional manufacturing experiences

An expericenced exporter with 10 years international business

Having worked with over 1000 customers from 100+ countries and regions in the telecom industry

Very familiar with telecom markets in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Good knowleadge of Customs policies of many overseas countries


Certified with ISO9001 quality and environment management system

RoHS & CE compliant

Customized/OEM services

All types of Ethernet LAN cables can be customized. We offer OEM services, manufacturing products according to customer's specifications and requests, even printed with customized product label sticker and company logo.

How to get your customized/OEM fiber optical patchcord?

1.Submitting your network cable inquiry:

Category cable type, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7, Cat8

Shielding layer type: UTP, STP, FTP, SFTP, or ASTP

Inner conductor sizes and materials

Single bare copper size

Insulation material dimensions

Jacket color: blue, white, grey, red, yellow, etc.

Jacket material: PVC, LSZH, OFNP


2.Getting the price quotation

3.Confirming the offer and place the order

4.Making payment

5.Shipping out the order to you

Competitive price

Enjoy the factory direct sales price

Save at least 30% of the cost compared with purchasing from a trader or a distributor

Eliminate many intermediate links

Fast delivery

Daily production capacity over 20000pcs ensure a very quick lead time

Guaranteed quality

Use 99.95% Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wires

(Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) wire, also known as solid copper wire or pure bare copper wire, extremely pure copper with very little oxygen content, is the highest conductivity copper cable wire that is refined to reduce the amount of oxygen to less than 0.003%, the total impurity content to less than 0.05%. and the purity of copper to more than 99.95%.)

ISO certificated

RoHS, CE compliant

Raw materials inspecation

Tests throught out all the production process

All finished products tested before shipping

Professional grade ethernet copper cables with super reliability and high steablility

Support 5-years Warranty accounting from the date you receiving it

Quick response

24-hours-online professional pre-sales consultation, after-sales services & prompt feedback

Offer sheet will be offered within 24hours based on your inquiry

Successful cases & Partners

Having worked with over 500+ customers, and over 60% of our clients are telecom carriers & internet service providers.

Contracted with some domestic FTTH projects of China Mobile and China Telecom, and won some tenders, Zhengzhou Metro station project, Hunan Radio, and Television Broadcast Network projects & University town Project, and so on.

Our overseas customers are mainly from Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa, such as Telkom, T-Mobile, AsiaCell, AWCC, PMCL, FiberNet, etc.

Product Inquiry

Contact Us

Add: Room A206, No.333, WenHaiRoad, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Tel: +86-21-62417639
Mob: +86-17321059847
Email: sales@shtptelecom.com



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